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Lecture by Dr. Maurice O’Sullivan, University College Cork, Ireland

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On the afternoon of March 21, 2019, in Conference Room D917 of the School of Food Science and Technology, Dr. Maurice O'Sullivan from the University College Cork, Ireland, gave an academic lecture on sensory science, attracting more than 40 graduate students.

In this lecture, Dr. O'Sullivan mainly introduced the disciplinary structure of the School of Food and Nutritional Sciences. He also focused on sensory science, introducing five sensory analysis methods ranging from multivariate data analysis to industry innovation, ranking descriptive sensory analysis, and exploring the effects of different salt and fat levels on the quality, physical and chemical properties and senses of processed foods. In the question session, successive questions from the enthusiastic students were answered by Dr. Sullivan who further responded with some questions and his email address for more exchange.

Dr. Sullivan’s arrival intensified the research in the sensory science at the School. Since he explored new approach to sensory evaluation and analysis methods, all the students valued every point of the doctor's lecture, listening and taking notes attentively, which also reflects the passion of food students for scientific research and their rigorous and serious academic attitude.

Dr. O'Sullivan is a lecturer in the School of Food and Nutritional Sciences, University College Cork, Ireland. Besides his book "A Handbook for Sensory and Consumer-Driven New Product Development: Innovative Technologies for the Food and Beverage Industry", he has published over 150 research papers and book chapters, developed new scoring system and co-organized Ireland national food award competition. He’s also the editor of Food and Nutritional Science and the reviewer of Food Quality and Preference, Journal of Sensory Studies, Meat Science, Food Research International, etc.

Dr. Sullivan was the research scientist (1995-1997) of University College Cork, the chief food technologist (1997-1999) for Dawn Farm Foods, Ph.D. candidate(1999-2002) of sensory and consumer science in the University of Copenhagen, post-doctoral research fellow (2003) of flavor chemistry, and global regulatory affairs manager (2003-2006) for Diageo Baileys. Since 2007, he has been working in the University College Cork, directing doctoral programs in consumer and sensory science. He is also involved in the university’s business research projects covering meat, seafood, convenience foods, drinks, snack foods, baby food, bread, candy, packaging, etc.

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