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Lectures:New insights into dairy and lactose intolerance

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Presentation title:New insights into dairy and lactose intolerance

Time: 14:30 pm, May 24, 2019(Friday)

Place: 5th Floor Meeting Room, Senergetic Innovation Lab, Jiangnan University

Reporter: Cameron-Smith

Brief introduction of presenter:

Professor Cameron-Smith is the Chair in Nutrition at the Liggins Institute, University of Auckland. His expertise and research focus on clinical studies that examine the digestion of nutrients, and metabolic regulation, with a focus on metabolic disease and aging. Ongoing clinical studies are examining digestive discomfort and the human microbiome, through to sarcopenia and muscle wasting. This includes the analysis of the responses to dairy proteins and skeletal muscle protein synthesis in the elderly.

He has published over 230 scientific articles and more than 7500 citations. He presents widely to both scientific, health professional and community groups on areas of nutrition, digestion, obesity, aging, the gut microbiome and exercise performance.

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