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Lectures:Bio-inspired, targeted and intelligent nanocarbon complexes for bioengineering

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Presentation title: Bio-inspired, targeted and intelligent nanocarbon complexes for bioengineering

Time: 09:30 am, October 29, 2019

Place: D912, School of Food Science and Technology

Reporter: Prof.Eijiro Miyako

Brief introduction of presenter:

Professor Eijiro Miyako research areas includes: Biomimetics, Biotechnology, Bio-functional materials, Nanomaterials, Nanobio, Nanorobot. He has published more than 60 papers and been awarded Prof. Sumio Iijima Research Encouragement Award, PCCP Prize 2014 , Royal Society of Chemistry.


Nanocarbons, such as carbon nanotubes and carbon nanohorns, are materials of interest in many fields of science and technology because of their remarkable physicochemical properties. In particular, nanocarbons possess extraordinary photothermal energy conversion efficiency and high absorption cross sections in a wide wavelength range. In this presentation, this powerful photothermal conversion property of nanocarbons for bioengineering will be presented with the examples of several applications.

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