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Xiang Qi

Secretary of Committee

In charge of culture and publicity 


Tel: 0510-85912066 

Email: xq@jiangnan.edu.cn


Liu Yuanfa


In charge of administration and discipline development


Tel: 0510-85329081

Email: foodscilyf@163.com


Zhang Wen

Deputy Secretary of   Committee/ Deputy Dean

In charge of student work  


Tel: 0510-85912690

Email: zhangwen@jiangnan.edu.cn


Wang Zhouping

Deputy Dean

In charge of undergraduate education 



Tel: 0510-85326195

Email: wangzp@jiangnan.edu.cn


Fan Daming

Deputy Dean

In charge of scientific research 



Tel: 0510-85884620

Email: fandm@jiangnan.edu.cn


Xie Yunfei

Deputy Dean

In charge of international affairs


Tel: 0510-85912123

Email: xieyunfei@jiangnan.edu.cn


Sun Xiulan

Deputy Dean

In charge of graduate education




Email: sxlzzz@jiangnan.edu.cn