1.       Basic Requirements

* Non-Chinese who are physically healthy and interested in Chinese culture

* Have Senior High School Diploma

* Be able to study in Chinese or English

* Willing to abide by Chinese government laws and the University's regulations

2.       Application Procedures

(1) Where to Apply

A. Chinese Government Scholarship: Contact departments/ministries of your government.

Please select “Jiangnan University” as “preferred institution” when filling out the application form. China Scholarship Council (CSC) will forward the application materials to JU. Once accepted, the applicant will receive the Chinese Government Scholarship.

B. Jasmine Jiangsu Government Scholarship: Please apply on www.studyinjiangsu.org

C. Other sources of funding: Please register and log in to the “Application Online System” of this website and choose “Bachelor” to apply.

(2) Required Documents

A. Personal Information  (Fill out the Application Form, which can be downloaded from the first page in the "Download" column of this website)

B. Passport Copy

C. Photo-copy of highest academic certificate/degree and transcript.(Translation files should be notarized)

D. Chinese or English Proficiency Certificate

E. Photo-copy of “Physical Examination Record for Foreigner” (valid for six months, the original copy must be kept for registration. If not qualified, student cannot enter the school.)

Note: “Physical Examination Record for Foreigner” form can be downloaded in the “Download” column of this website.

(3). When to Apply

Application deadline: June 30th, every year

For scholarships please refer to latest recruitment announcement.

(4). Admission and Visa

Applicants who have been admitted to JU will receive “Notice for Admission” and JW201 or JW202 Form before July 31 with which they can apply for their visas at a Chinese Embassy or Consulate.

(5) School Start Dates

The beginning of September

(6) How to Register

Upon registration, students are required to present their passports, Notice of Admission, JW201 or JW202 Form, Physical Checkup Record for Foreigners (valid for 6 months), 4 headshots/photos (1 inch, front view, half length, hatless). In addition to these, self-funding students are also required to pay their tuition, registration and accommodation fees. If student exceeds registration time limit over two weeks without any reason, the entrance qualification will be cancelled.

(7) Student Reception

Our School will welcome new students at Shanghai or Wuxi Airport one day before registration days. Please inform us of your flight number and arrival time at least seven days in advance by email so that we can arrange a proper pick-up. Students who will come at a later time and need to be picked up, please contact us in advance, but please understand that there will be a separate fee for this service.

3.       Fees Standard

(1)    Tuition fee: 14,800~16,400 CNY/school year.

Note: the tuition must be paid fully during registration at the beginning of each semester.

(2)    Registration: 400 CNY

(3)    Textbooks: according to actual expense

(4)    Accommodation fee:

Jiangnan University provides international students with an International Students' Apartment Building, equipped with public kitchen, self-service laundry, gym and self-study room. The standard rent is as follows:

Single Room (with separate toilet, air-conditioner, water-heater, TV, telephone, internet and full set of furniture): 1500 CNY/semester

Water, electricity and internet fees should be paid separately.

Note: Accommodation fee should be paid fully at the beginning of each semester or academic year. If students check out due to suspension or quitting school, the accommodation fee will be calculated by days.

(5) Insurance

"Comprehensive Insurance Plan for Foreigners Studying in China" is required, and the insurance premium is 800 CNY/student/year.

(6) Food Expenses

The food costs for dining at the dining halls on campus are about 20-30 CNY/day.

4. Contact Information

Address: School of International Education, Jiangnan University

No.1800 Lihu Avenue, Wuxi , Jiangsu Province, P.R. China

Zip Code: 214122

Tel: 0086-510- 85919552, 85329235 (International Students' Affairs Office)

Fax: 0086-510-85809610

E-mail: sie@jiangnan.edu.cn

Appendix: Bachelor’s Major List

School Major Language
School of Food Science & Technology Food Science & Engineering Chinese/English
Food Quality & Safety Chinese