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A Successful Opening Ceremony and First Lesson for the First Joint Program of the School of Food Science and Technology

The author:Written by: Jiang Min Photos by: Huang Fangjin Reviewed by: Fu Lili, Xie Yunfei source:食品英文  Click on the:[]  Update time:2020-09-21

On 18 September, 2020, the opening ceremony for freshmen of 2020 joint bachelor’s degree program in food science and engineering was held in Fengshang Hall, Room 912 of the School of Food Science and Technology. It was attended by the faculty of our School, including Ms. Fu Lili (Party Committee Secretary), Mr. Wei Zhenji (Deputy Party Committee Secretary), Prof. Xie Yunfei and Prof. Wang Li (both Deputy Dean), Freshmen Instructor, Deputy Class Advisor and 6 teacher representatives. It was also attended by the faculty of Massey University, including Prof. Julian Heyes (Head of School of Food and Advanced Technology,), Prof. Marie Wong (Auckland Campus Leader), Dr. Richard Love (Head of Group of School of Food and Advanced Technology), Ms. Angela Drake (Manager, International Relations), Mr. Graham Robinson (Program Specialist), Ms. Grace Liu (Representative, International Relations) as well as parents of freshmen, all of whom took participation via video conference. The opening ceremony was presided over by Prof. Xie Yunfei.

In the opening speech, Prof. Julian Heyes extended warm welcome to the freshmen of the international program. Then he showed beautiful sceneries and exotic customs of New Zealand to students and expected to meet them at Massey University in 2023.

Ms. Angela gave an introduction to Massey University and shared ten reasons to study in New Zealand with the freshmen. She hoped that the students will make unceasing efforts to discover their own potentials and realize their social values.

Ms. Fu Lili generally introduced the School of Food Science and Technology from five aspects, namely, discipline construction, education and teaching, scientific research, international cooperation and cultural development. As class advisor of this international program, she expressed her earnest expectations and best wishes for study and life of the students.

Mr. Wei Zhenji elaborated on the work concerning students from nine perspectives including construction of the party and the youth league, technological innovations, establishing academic atmosphere, education funding, psychological consulting, campus culture, feature programs and routine management. He encouraged students to make good use of the learning resources and opportunities and trade youth for good moral character and rich knowledge while understanding the bottom lines of life and study. He hoped that students can gain good health and precious knowledge from the university.

Prof. Xie Yunfei mainly spoke about the joint program between Jiangnan University and Massey University in Food Science and Engineering. She pointed out that the program is characterized by combined strengths, superior quality, high cost-effectiveness, and strong faculty and facility configuration. She had high expectations for future development of the students and hoped that the freshmen can seize the challenging opportunity to do their best to create further miracles.

She was followed by representatives of freshmen and their parents, who were full of anticipations for the new semester in their speeches. Min Rui spoke on behalf of all freshmen in this program and remarked that students need to get out of the comfort zone to meet new challenges in the new environment. Besides, he put forward three suggestions for his classmates: first, love for the homeland; second, no overdoing, self-discipline, diligence, and attention to the basics; third, good cooperative capacity. Zhou Jinhao, the parents' representative made affirmative comments on the joint program. Moreover, he verbalized the hope that freshmen can master knowledge of their own major at university, develop the abilities of self-learning, socializing and adapting to new environment, learn to show gratitude to parents, cooperate with the school and strive to become a useful person.

Finally, Ms. Fu Lili, Mr. Wei Zhenji and Prof. Wangli handed out English versions ofXi Jingping: The Governance of Chinaas gifts to the freshmen in the hope that they can read the book carefully and understand its essence so that they may hold on to the Chinese identity and act as a dignified Chinese on the global stage.

The opening ceremony serves also as the first joint lesson from Jiangnan University and Massey University for the freshmen. It has paved a good foundation for them to start learning and blend into the campus.

Prof. Julian introduces New Zealand and the food science and engineering in Massey University.

Ms. Angela introduces Massey University

Ms. Fu Lili introduces the School of Food Science and Technology

Mr. Wei Zhenji and Prof. Xie Yunfei make relevant introductions and

representatives of freshmen and parents give speeches.

Book Gift Ceremony

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